Purecleninig-servise is an expert in Water and Waste Watre Treatment System with experience and performance for over all years in industrial. You can assure that the best advice and service will be provided to all of our customers

         We have been established more than 1 decades. Our achievement are Waste Water System Desingning,installation and msinterance of Boiler and Cooling, Sand Filter, Carbon Filter, Manganese Filter, Softener,RO System,Drinking water system and many more about water system in factory. Moreover, the specialty chemical for B

  • Scale and Rust Prevention Chemical for Boiler
  • Sacle, Rust, and Algae Prevention Chemical for Cooling and Chiller system
  • Flocculant Chemical
  • Scale, Rust and SilicaRinsing Chemical
  • Fuel Additive Oil
  • Others Chemical for factory manintenance
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Wastewater Treatment

Boiler Water Treatment
Cleaning Service
Cooling Water Treatment
Di Water Treatment
Equipment Support
Regenerate Resin
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Wash Resin

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